Moby1 XTR: The ultimate escape and adventure lifestyle trailer

Moby1 XC Cross Country - All Terrain Teardrop Trailer

We probably don’t think about it too much, but there are always updates and new inventions for all types of technology, including camping equipment and vehicles. When I was much younger, we had the basic four-person tent that we had to untangle and figure out, then clip to the poles and stake to the ground with a rubber mallet. It wasn’t too bad unless we had inclement weather, and then it became downright miserable. Throughout the years, companies have figured out better ways to camp, eliminating as much stress as possible so that the real reason for camping can be the main focus. Being able to enjoy nature without a trunk full of canvas, mismatched poles, and a mixture of metal and plastic stakes cannot be underestimated. I’ve known people to get so irritated by the lack of supplies, or bad weather, or by their travel companions that they give up and go back to normal life just as stressed out as before.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With all the wonderful options available to us today, you can hook a trailer up to your vehicle and head off into the wilderness all on your own, knowing that you have everything you will need to get through a weekend of stargazing, hiking, and lazing about in a hammock. One of the most exciting options I’ve seen lately is the Moby1 XTR, which combines the best of camping, RVs, and outdoors enjoyment – from the trailer complete with enough storage space to hold all personal belongings, gear, and food, to the roomy tent atop the trailer, to the awning to protect you from the sun during the hottest part of the day, whether you’re cooking, napping, or playing games with your family and friends.

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With its attention to all aspects of camping and traveling rough terrain, the Moby1 XTR is equipped to deal with inclement weather, the bumps along the route to your destination, and the natural elements like heat, cold, and wind that sometimes disrupt a regular camping trip. This sturdy, durable, and comfortable set-up will see you through life’s storms whether they’re of the literal or figurative sort. Having a rough week at home? Take off for the weekend and spend some time in solitude. Need a break from the rat race? Grab the family or some friends and head off into the mountains for a breather.

You can find more information on the Moby1 XTR along with other available models by visiting the Moby1 Expedition Trailers website. You can look through photos of their products against all sorts of natural backgrounds, compare pricing, and read up on the history of the company (it’s actually quite interesting, as the project began as a way to find a trailer small enough to hitch to a motorcycle). You can even contact them if you have a question about one of their trailers, or if you’re wanting to inquire about special packages or promotions.

The XTR trailer:

1,800 lbs

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