Dodge Demon VS Fort GT – Half-mile Challenge

Dodge Demon VS Fort GT

Who will win between a Dodge Demon and a Ford GT? Who wants to even just listen to the sound of this race, which between the two cars includes almost 1500 horsepower?

The Dodge comes with 840 horsepower and does a 0-60 in only 2.3 seconds. Fast! The GT has less horsepower with 647 horses, but has a top speed of 216 mph, a weight advantage, and great suspension.

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Two American-made modern muscle cars. Both so different from each other and really specialized for different types of performance.

Here you can watch the video by Drag Times:


Is a new Ford Thunderbird coming out?

A new Ford Thunderbird? 50 years have elapses since the first Thunderbirds were rolled off the assembly line, but their popularity hasn’t let up, with 11 generations in total.

And with the popular continuance of other muscle cars like Mustang, Camaro, Charger, why not another T-Bird? It only makes sense. And there are rumors from industry insiders, as well as ongoing designs that keep coming out, since the last Ford Thunderbirds were released in 2005.

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The main question seems to be the market. Ford could build a new T-Bird easily on the existing Mustang because the new Mustang has an independent rear suspension – necessary for luxury and performance consumers. But would people buy it?

The design is probably the most key here, so we’re sharing a few of the looks proposed. The last 2005 Thunderbird was not overwhelmingly popular, and people tended to refer to it as “cigar-shaped” and not exactly as modern as they’d like.

What Car Lasts The Longest?

My family has had pretty good luck with vehicles. While there were a few duds in the bunch, we drove most of them to 200,000 or 250.000 miles. We had an Isuzu Trooper that kept going even after 300,000 miles. Part of the reason cars last longer is that they are well cared for – maintenance is key. Though some of us aren’t always able to schedule regular maintanence, it’s worth doing if you can save up or budget for it.

Luckily, the car that, according to information gathered by a large group of mechanics, compiled and presented on YourMechanic, isn’t that expensive to maintain. It also has great gas mileage, so that with the low cost of upkeep make it a popular choice with younger people just starting out. The Honda Civic’s average annual maintance costs are less than $225, and average mpg is 30. My youngest brother has a Honda Civic he bought used several years ago, and it has held up tremendously, through snow, hail, and ice. I don’t know that he’d consider another vehicle after learning to drive this one — he may look for something like it in a decade when he’ll need a new one. So far, however, he is quite content with his choice, and even though he isn’t fond of driving in general, he seems to enjoy the Civic’s handling.

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