Personal Offroad RV with 1500 HP and it will take on ANY conditions

Amazingly fast and controllable, this speedy little RV can push like crazy. It has a 727 cubic inch HEMI engine in it with 1500 horsepower.

Previous versions of the Ripsaw RV “tank” had a 600 HP diesel engine, but I guess that wasn’t enough pushing power for consumers. Even though it runs on tracks, which usually aren’t that agile, the Ripsaw has a steering wheel and is built to maneuver. You can also see from the photos that this RV “tank” has full suspension inside those t reads – way more comfortable than other tank-style offroad vehicles you might have tried out, like Argos, where you might not have had ANY suspension.

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Drivers don’t get bounced around as you might expect with treads, even on the fast attacks on rough terrain this offroad RV does. Oh, and it does wheelies!

You can watch it move (and listen to the 1500 horsepower HEMI) here in this video: