What is a Luxury RV Park?

You’ve heard of ‘glamping’, the type of camping you want when you need some pampering in nature, but are you aware that there are luxury RV parks? These vacation destinations allow you to park your luxury RV (be sure you know what class vehicles are allowed – some only allow Class A) and enjoy the sights and sounds of exotic locations and partake in activities for the entire family without having to reserve hotel rooms, a bed and breakfast, or an Air BnB. These RV resorts cater to a more upper-class clientele, but if you can rent a luxury RV and want to save up for an unforgettable experience, it’s well worth the extra money. Typically there are plenty of things to do nearby, or that are offered by the resort, and there are luxury amenities such as you’d find in a world-class hotel. With beautiful views, plenty to do, and your own space, it’s the experience of a lifetime.

With locations in everywhere from Alabama to Utah, there’s a luxury RV resort for everyone, whether you want to mine for your own gems, take a yoga class, or golf, there’s a place for you. Some RV fans have even compiled lists of the best and most luxurious RV resorts in the United States, which you can check out at General RV and Campanda.

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