2020 Prevost Marathon with a Double Slide

2020 Prevost Marathon with a Double Slide

How about a 2020 Prevost Motorhome? While these machines are the top of the line in luxury RV living, one thing’s for sure and that’s that the price tags aren’t for the faint of heart! People keep buying them steadily though, so they must be worth the value.

This one is one of the 2020’s: A Marathon H3-45er. Mostly we just wanted to take a look at the angles of the new one and the new interior, so below is a gallery for that, but let’s look at a few specifications for the motorhome as well:

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So what do you get for your 2.27 million with a 2020 Prevost diesel pusher?

Besides the reliability and performance of their regular hardware, the 2020s also come with:

  • Under Floor Heating System (Salon, Galley & Bath)
  • Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator with built-in bottle storage above
  • Girard Nova Awning Package
  • Apple TV System Installation with Crestron Digital Media HDMI Input Card
  • 49″ 4K LED TV in Underbelly Entertainment Center
  • Deluxe Decor Package for the Interior
  • Adjustable Reclining Bed for TV Viewing and Pathway when Slide is in
  • Air-Powered Glass Pocket Shower Door
  • EXPEL Front Protective Shield
  • Leather Options