UPS has new trucks. Check them out.

New trucks are always fun. I guess UPS thinks so too. They have these new units, and how would you describe them? Cute? These are part of UPS’s newest fleet – a test fleet of 35 electric vehicle trucks for their deliveries.

Of course, they run on batteries (and kind of look like batteries). They can go around 150 miles on a charge, and like other EVs, there are no emissions.

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This fleet is to test out in two major cities in Europe, and none are yet set for North American streets. But here are some interesting features: a wrap-around windshield to give drivers a wider view of the road and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (these programs try to reduce driver fatigue).

UPS has new trucks. Check them out.

By the way, in addition to this little fleet, UPS already has over 300 EVs and 700 hybrid vehicles in the States and Europe.