This Firefly ARI Huge Sleeper Semi

Has anyone seen this big sleeper semi on the highways? It’s the Puckett’s touring ride.

Shared by ARI Legacy Sleepers, who did the work on this giant rolling apartment in lime green.:

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“We are enjoying life again. The first 5 years of our trucking career we called ourselves “Professional Tourists.” Then the next 20 years it became a grind of a job. All work and no play. Getting our new sleeper took us back to our earlier days. I LOVE the ability to go to the campgrounds. So we aren’t stuck at the truck stop, with our main entertainment of going in to eat. We can ride our bike and swim at the campground pool. My husband loves to cook and now we have dinner parties in ours. Or how about the fact that I can sleep next to my husband. Not feet to head like we had to for so many years. It is unbelievable the difference having this much space has made in our lives. Thank you ARI!” – David & Karen Puckett (a.k.a. “Firefly”)”

This Firefly ARI