Rotating Dump Truck Beds

Rotating Dump Truck Beds

While most of us have seen dump trucks used to haul gravel and other construction materials, what you may not be aware of is that dump trucks are used in many other capacities, and sometimes, those capacities warrant a rotator on the truck bed.

Some companies sell rotating truck beds specifically for special jobs. Hulcher Professional Services, Inc., for example, sells dump trucks with rotating beds to railroads because it is easier to turn the truck bed and dump materials than turn the truck this way and that for just the perfect angle. The rotator can turn 180 degrees, which provides the driver with many options for dumping.

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Some rotating dump trucks are even capable of going off-road, if equipped with hi-rail gear. They can travel to remote locations and dump sites, whether they’re hauling things for lumber companies, mining groups, or construction projects. Tartaglia Railroad Services offers custom built rotating dump trucks for their clients, as well as maintenance, such as alignment, inspections, and oil changes.

It’s worth getting to know the big names in the business if you’re looking to join the market, especially if you’re in an area where railroads are the main business. Names like Tartaglia, Hulcher, Danella, V&H, Deere, and ACW Railway Company are all worth checking out at least to get an idea of what you’re looking for, what it needs to do, and which place is the closest or offers the best package deal.

Of course, you may not be a working professional who needs to upgrade to a rotary dump truck, you may just happen to be a hobbyist or enthusiast, or someone looking to purchase a dump truck and refinish it to your own specifications without the need to haul railroad materials. You can find vehicles and information on the rotating dump truck types online at places like Ebay, Amazon, and manufacturers’ websites. If you want to try one out before purchasing, there are companies such as the above mentioned Danella that provide rentals.

Rotary dump trucks usually come with a diesel engine, engine brake as well as air brakes, a tandem axle, and manual transmission. The GVWR varies, but the type sold and/or rented by Danella typically falls between 56,000 and 66,000. The fuel tank typically holds around 100 gallons.

When looking at the various types of rotary dump trucks, you will want to pay attention to the specialties and equipment that comes with each model, whether you’re wanting something that can haul long-distance or short, through mountains or around cities, or just to show off at the local truck show.