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Small Airstream to Make Road Trips Cheaper

RVs October 18, 2016

Small Airstream to Make Road Trips Cheaper

Want to tow a light RV behind your SUV or other small vehicle?

RV trailers offer space to people who want to hook up something to their truck and go out for the weekend, or longer trips, but what about if you have a smaller vehicle, an midsize SUV or maybe even a car?

“We’ve been imagining a small, well-thought-out fiberglass travel trailer for quite some time and are very confident about its potential,” according to Airstream President Bob Wheeler. “Nest is a product that conveys sophistication, simplicity, and upscale modernity, so it made sense for us to partner and help bring this design to market.”

It’s a highly compact 16.5-foot fiberglass travel trailer created by designer and fiberglass expert Robert Johans is a perfect fit within the Airstream line — legendary durability, fine attention to detail, timeless design, and innovative features.

This small RV travel trailer has LED lighting, stainless steel appliances and a queen-size bed, as well as brightly lit interior spaces.

These RV trailers will be coming Summer 2017, and is being touted by the company as the highly compact fiberglass travel trailer and a perfect fit within the Airstream line, “continuing our reputation for legendary durability, fine attention to detail, timeless design, and innovative features.”

Small Airstream to Make Road Trips Cheaper

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1970’s Ford Cabover RV has a Classic Interior Too

Trucks October 17, 2016

Pure 70’s. And the interior looks like you’re stepping into a 70’s house as well! This cabover Ford from the past is definitely worth taking a look at. Not least of all because it went up for sale.

I’ve heard that those old Fords, maybe more common in the 70’s than now, 40 years later, were reliable back in the day, and that local carriers used them to for regional freight.

This one went up for sale, and it’s Mike Gunney Faram’s rig, or at least he’s representing the seller. Contact link if anyone’s interested in buying it at the bottom of this article about his cool 70’s style semi. Here’s what Faram wrote about the truck:

“I am representing Gas Monkey Garage time capsule Barn Finds.

“1970 and 1974 COE Fords with matching House Trailer untouched since 1980….Both Run and drive almost perfect condition. Both equipped with 5 Speed twin box eaton Transmissions.

“Asking price $55,000.00 ea. Both need Fluids and possible brakes replaced or serviced. Been stored INDOORS since new.

“Both Trailers equipped with large Generators which have not been started in a while.

“The 74 has boat in bottom storage compartment with motor included with sale. Request pictures of Boat can be sent. Comes with a promotional Brochure when built .

“Serious Inquiries Only Located at #gasmonkeygarage in DALLAS TX email for viewing or appointment farammike@gmail.com”

1970-ford-cabover-rv-has-a-classic-interior-too-112 1970

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Best Dual Sport Mods Under $50

Motorcycles October 15, 2016

Recently, Hermit DaVlog went over his top 5 inexpensive dual sport modifications … all under $50. So what mods can you do to your enduro or dual sport bike for that price? Actually, these are all good for dirt biking bikes as well. Here’s Hermit’s:

1. Gears: At least for Hermit, gears do as much for his bike as anything else, like fuel management and exhaust. He means cheap steel cogs, because new bikes don’t always come geared for the type of riding you want to do. However, if you replace your sprockets you need to replace your chain, too, according to experts. Otherwise you have a mix of new and old parts which can cause problems. However, if the bike’s new, you don’t need to do the chain even if you get new sprockets.

2. Mirrors: The kind that you can bend into almost any position and they stay there. These are useful for when you need to tuck one or both mirrors out of the way, for riding or for transporting a bike.

3. Tail bag: A small bag on the tail of the bike can reduce the need for a rider to carry a backpack. You can buy them special, but you can also just get any bag that more or less fits, and strap it to the bars around the tail with zipstraps or even metal ties (even twist-ties will work although they are not durable).

4. Burrito bag: This is a mod made from a cylindrical metal container, and it’s to keep water, gas, or a burrito-bagburrito. It’s an owner’s manual canister for a tractor, available at tractor supply stores, and clamped on with a car exhaust clamp bolted onto the frame. Hermit’s tutorial on how to make your own DIY style for around $16 US.

5. Key chain elastic wrist wrap: These wraps are so you can wrap them around your wrist, even if you’re wearing gloves, and you don’t have to put your key in a pocket to keep from losing it. They’re bright and the bigger they are the more easily they’ll be seen if you happen to drop one.

See more from Hermit.

Here are some other under $50 mods suggested by dual sporters:

  1. Steven Greene – Gearing and a quickturn throttle tube are hard to beat
  2. Robert Pabst – Side case savers, grips, levers, sprockets, headlight, reflective wheel tape, bar risers
  3. Dustin Douglas – Open the intake and jetting, this alone makes the EPA bikes run much better.
  4. Susy Ketner – A center stand like this bike has!
  5. Jay Strock – Bigger tail bag
  6. Jesse Felker – RAM mounting your phone to the handlebars
  7. Michael Kearney – Flush mount turn signals on the rear

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Trucker Eye Test

Trucks October 11, 2016

Only 3 percent of people have the ability to see the number on the photo.

Can’t see it? Here’s some tips by Savannah Dunn on how to see it anyway:

1. Shake it!
( move it consistently back and forth)

2. Move you your device side to side
( move it towards the left side or the right side)

3. Move away
( Move your head father away from the screen)

4. Glance
( Look at the screen and then move your eyes away)( may take a few times)

And if that doesn’t work, try this one by Tim Swan: If you ever want to see what’s inside the lines were or the hidden picture or numbers just turn your phone sideways just a little bit until you can see the numbers really easy.

Apparently, unlike the ones where you have to “go out of focus” or see it blurry, this one works by beings seen with rapid eye movement.

Computer user tip from me: Just scroll up and down the page a little with the image there and you can usually see it.

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Legacy Sleeper Style …. ARI Sleeper Style!

Trucks October 3, 2016

Legacy Sleeper Style .... ARI Sleeper Style!

Another of ARI Sleepers’ new ones here, a 168″ ARI Legacy Custom Sleeper with 52″ Motorcycle Garage on a 2017 Peterbilt 567 that they built for Barbara N Jerome Silvers, and finished over the summer!

One thing that might surprise you. Most people talk about how they might be able to get one of these giant sleeper units or conversions some day, but with this couple, this is their third ARI job.

That’s custom paint done on this sleeper, by ARI.

That bike storage garage has doors on both sides of the tractor, and a lift to raise the bike up into it.

legacy-sleeper-style-ari-sleeper-style-1 legacy-sleeper-style-ari-sleeper-style-2

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New Giant ARI Sleeper

Trucks September 30, 2016

New Giant ARI Sleeper

This is a new 2017 Volvo VNL64T300 with an 168-inch ARI Legacy II RBSD sleeper — a big luxury sleeper unit by the company — and power to match: an I-Shift 12-Speed, with 550 horses.

ARI is probably the first name that you think of when you think of custom legacy sleepers for semi trucks, although there are some strong competitors, each with their own unique style differences, besides the benefits of various companies just based on close proximity of their factory location. ARI has been at it a long time, and they started out with a goal of providing custom sleeper market options better than any at the time.

They had experience coming in, as four of the seven original ARI-ers worked in the custom sleeper industry before starting their own company. The other three brought other experience to the table though: two worked in the RV industry and the third was an owner-operator. You can see how this team had a lot of bases covered going in.

ARI states that while there are other custom sleeper manufacturers (and we feature some of their great work here on this site as well), they maintain one goal which sets them apart from them all:

“[A] strong commitment to the customer and, because one of our original founders was an owner operator, we understand what it’s like to be broke down in Montana in the winter season while knowing that a few extra minutes in engineering or in production may have prevented down time. We understand that down time does not pay the bills. With our sleepers, we try to take the worry out of owning one and we honestly believe we build the best sleepers on the road.”

For more of ARI’s work, find them in our directory of custom sleeper builders.

Upgraded Sleeper Options Include:

  • Volvo High Cab Conversion with Walk Through Boot Opening
  • Side Entry Door with Manual 3rd Step & Stepwell Layout to PS
  • Flip Down Flush Floor
  • Flip up Counter, and LED Grab Handle
  • Bed Dinette with Self-Storing Table
  • Self-Storing Cushions & Bed Struts
  • Oversized Bed with 54” Mattress
  • Walnut Hardwood and Dinette Bases
  • Microwave Convection Oven
  • Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and Adjustable Shelf
  • Upgrade to Solid Surface Countertops and Gaucho Table.

New Giant ARI SleeperNew Giant ARI Sleeper

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52′ Quad Axel 5th Wheel

RVs September 29, 2016

Talking about big luxury travel trailers, this is one of the biggest made: it’s a WW5200. Weekend Warrior is a company we’ve talked about before, and they get a lot of press for building these stand-out huge trailers. The one you see in the photo, with that “W” paintjob across the side, is one parked at Glamis Dunes Storage, and was shown by “allcool,” who said GDS towed him in there without any problem, while bystanders watched amazed.

Here’s another Weekend Warrior travel trailer — luxury trailer size — but having a bit of an issue: seems the sand is getting a bit high around the tires there. Did he just park on the beach overnight, thinking it would be a nice place to sleep and wake up?

Weekend Warrior travel trailers are made in Indiana where the 50,000 sqare foot RV Factory company is based. They make Avion B class motorhomes, camper RVs, 5th wheels, and the eponymous Weekend Warrior RV toy haulers for which we mostly know them. Weekend Warrior’s Brian Shea, who worked his way up Gulf Stream Coach in the 90’s before founding the company, thinks of the RV company in terms of state manufacturing:

“I have been fortunate enough to have been part of one of the most successful manufacturing companies in Elkhart, Indiana,” stated Shea, “Since 1971 working with my father at Fairmont Homes and later at Gulf Stream Coach, I learned the importance of great looking product built with residential construction principles. ”

A big focus for the RV Factory is product details and value, but this is further focused from a starting point of each new customer for their luxury travel trailers and other products:

“There is a new mandate from the retail customer,” Shea explained “They want to have a close relationship with the people they buy from. This is evident when you consider the impact companies like Apple, Starbucks, Gap Jeans have made on the retail marketplace. These companies get to tell their own story in their own words to the retail customer. This is the most exciting part about the RV Factory.”

Over the years, they’ve made a name for themselves through their products:

“Our products are immediately recognizable by those familiar with the RV industry. It is our intent to offer great brands with the best and newest designs and construction in both the class b motorhome market and the towable RV market.”

Of course, not all Weekend Warrior trailers are 52 feet! Actually there are a few bigger. I saw a 53 footer recently. But the models featured by the company are the 4100W, 4250W, 3608W, and 4620W models, which are 44′, 44′, 37′ 10″, and 46′  feet long.

For more from Weekend Warrior, find them in our directory of trailer makers.


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Mack H63

Trucks September 29, 2016

Mack H63

Some old iron for you guys all here. It’s a Mack H63.

The 1950s brought significant advancements from Mack, including the G, H and B models. The G series featured an all-aluminum cab for light weight H Models. The 62 has the same body as the 63 but came with a gas engine.

From what I can tell, this Mack semi cabover was shot by Dick Copello, who said of the truck, “This guy used to run coast to coast; haven’t seen him in years. This shot in 1993.”

According to klintan, who has been active informing us all about big trucks for years now, “This truck is featured in one of Stan Holtzman´s books. It´s a 1957 H-63 with a 264″ wb and a 525hp Caterpillar engine. Owned by Joe Mustang since 1959(!)”

Tommiegunn54, who knows the owner, also had something to say about this truck and the guy: “I met him around 1977 at the old union 76 choke and puke on I45 north in Houston. Joe was pulling for ETMF Diamond Division SCAT, at that time .The truck at that time had a 270 Cat with a Mack triplex trans.,consider to be one of the premiere 5×3 progressive boxes in the industry,at that time ,also i had to throw that in there for the KW KID he is such a MACK fan .Joe was a neat old timer ,he ran a lot of houston to santa fe springs, calif.”

Mack H63

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    Talking about big luxury travel trailers, this is one of the biggest made: it’s a WW5200. Weekend Warrior is a company we’ve talked about before, and they get a lot of press for building these stand-out huge trailers. The one you see in the photo, with that “W” paintjob across the side, is one parked at […]

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    ARI Legacy Sleeper with Hardwood Interior

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    Here’s a combo sure to catch some of your eyes out there. A big 379 Peterbilt outfitted with a new ARI custom sleeper unit. ARI just finished this one this month. Matching the natural green paint, natural wood interior furnishings. Walnut. Besides that wood, the interior’s totally upholstered, even the ceilings. The bedroom area has an overhead […]

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    Nice New ARI Sleeper Job

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    Working with a Kenworth T680, ARI just completed another big job for a guy named Steve Kuehne. This one’s huge: 156 inches. They put out interior shots for this one. This is what a brand spanking new custom sleeper job looks like. Not only is this ARI custom job massive and comfortable. It’s useful, too. […]

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    Classic Custom

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    Mack dually pickup, anyone? This B61 Mack could really turn some heads. The B Models were Mack’s primary vehicle from its introduction in 1953 until it was replaced by the R Series in 1966. They ranged in size from the medium duty B20P gas powered 4X2 to the oversized B873SX turbo-diesel 6X6. B Models were […]